Food'Ray device

There are around 10% of people who are vegetarian worldwide. According to studies, vegetarians experience difficulties when they prepare food, dine out, especially in a foreign location, and socialise with friends. Food’Ray consists of a device and an app to guide vegetarians through a better dining experience both before and after ordering food. Food’Ray also provides a vegetarian community to share recommended food choices.

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Food'Ray app

The Food’Ray App displays detailed food reports and tailored recipes to support the main device usage and enhance people's wellbeing. It also provides menu translation and restaurant search to improve their dining experience.

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Medilax is an electronic essential oil diffuser integrated by an app design that emphasis on comforting people's mental wellbeing when they experience through life events with the use of aromatherapy and music therapy. The service consists of a unique ritual by providing users with a front to end experience. Users are able to log their life events in the app and book their desirable ritual according to the system recommendation to enjoy.

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About Xiaohan

After three years of exploring user-centred design, I have recently graduated from Loughborough University.

I enjoy improving user experience and conducting user research. These three years have further stimulated my interest to embark on a career in the UX design industry and to participate in engaging projects for user-centred products.

I am looking forward to my next chapter as a UX designer at Goldman Sachs.


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